Wales and West Slot Racing

So we finally get to do some racing on a mini-series scale.


The 2020 Championship, sadly like much of everyday life, fizzled out as the fun began.

At last, we are getting some leeway and consider ourselves very lucky to be allowed to have up to 15 racers turn up at an event in the Wye Valley club.

So we had a little informal shakedown event. The idea is to have a low key shakedown of the 2022 rules, and hopefully lay on a few more rounds, Government and venue restrictions permitting. We'll play that by ear, but we are hoping to hold an event in Llantrisant in the autumn, at the very least. Craig or Phil will add the rules soon.

So to today's racing - great to get back to a championship type event, even though we've had club racing for a few weeks here in Wales. The field mostly consisting of Wye Valley and Llantrisant racers, with Sean Illet and the ever-moving John Underwood also gracing us with their presence!

The standard format was followed for a first round - quali for the Classics, followed by the groups taking turns to rotate through each lane. 20 laps each heat. After lunch, the process was repeated with the new class of GT3 cars.

Not too much drama in the morning, as we are all fairly used to running our Classics, although the obvious mishap here and there.

The GT3 were a different kettle of fish - some very uncharacteristic failures and a lot of lessons learned. Looks like it's going to be a very very interesting class indeed.

So here are today's results, I'll have a chat with the team and see how we are going to publicise the next event, we'd love to be able to welcome all of you regulars back, if only for a few more shakedown rounds before (fingers crossed) a full blown campaign for 2022!


Slot Car 12 june.jpg

Todays RUNNERS in classics


1st Phil Field


2nd John Underwood


3rd Craig Jones


4th Steve Jones


5th Michael Maloney

GT3 Results

Slot Car 12 june 2nd.jpg