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Slot Car Class Information


  1. Races will run for the designated laps per lane.

  2. Any car failing to finish a race will be classified as DNF and drop to the bottom of the results table.

  3. Two DNFs will be placed lower than one DNF, and so on.

  4. Points will be scored 25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1.


Class Champions

  1. The drivers scoring the most points in each Class for the year will be the Class Champions.

  2. Drivers will drop their lowest score in each class.


Club Champion

  1. The driver scoring the highest total points for the year, combining all points in all classes, will be Club Champion

1) No traction magnets allowed.
2) All parts must be commercially available.
3) Cars must be detailed 1/32 models of real 1:1 cars.
4) Cars must start and finish each race with matching body, windows and interior.
5) Interiors may be a lightweight alternative, (Replacement interiors must be painted)
6) Minor bodywork trims and details such as mirrors, spotlights and aerials may be omitted.
7) Ballast weight may be added but must be inside the car.

8) Bodies must be fully detailed and painted hard platic.


Bodies, Chassis and Motor Pods
1) Must be made of injection moulded or 3D printed plastic.
2) Bodies must be painted.
3) May be lightly trimmed.

1) Motors must be Small Can, Short Can, Long Can, Thin Can, Flat Can or RX construction.
2) Motors must not be modified from manufacturer's spec.
3) Motor must be fitted into pod as originally intended.
3) Motors with excessive magnetraction are not allowed.
Such motors will be identified by the "cogging" effect. Any motor that "cogs" when the drive wheels are turned is not allowed. eg Avant 20103, MB Dodo and BRM Super EVO.

Wheels and Tyres

1) All wheels must have tyres and they must be made of rubber.  Silicone and urethane tyres are not allowed on track.

2) Tyres may be trued, glued and coated, but must be dry to the touch at the start of a race.
3) All wheels must be at least 15.8mm diameter, unless the original model is supplied with smaller wheels as standard.

Example cars with <15.8mm wheels include:
Policar Ferrari 312PB (front); Alfa 33/3 (front).

All other components, (eg braids, eyelets, guides, wires, pinions,
gears, axles, stoppers, screws, nuts, springs, weights, lubricants
and paints) are free choice unless specified in a Class Rule.

Group 5

Porsche 935.jpg

1) Car must have raced in Group Five.
2) Motor must be mounted in inline configuration.

Example Group 5 cars include:

Racer Sideways:  BMW M1 and 320; Ford Capri;
Lancia Beta; Ferrari 512BB; Porsche 935.
Scaleauto:  BMW M1.


Classic GT

Ford GT40.jpg

1) Car must have raced in GT series pre-1976
2) Motor must be Small Can, max 21.5k rpm at 12V.

Example motors include:  V12 with Orange, Brown, or Black Endbell;  

NSR Shark Orange or Ruby Wrapper;  

Thunderslot Mach 21;

3) Motor must be mounted in sidewinder configuration.

4) Pinion gear must be 11T.
5) Standard black chassis must be used.
6) Open top cars must use the standard interior.
7) Maximum width 62mm across rear tyres.
8) Suspension prohibited.


Example Classic GT cars include:

NSR: Ford GT40; MKIV; P68 & Porsche 917 & 908/3. Ferrari 312PB; Alfa 33/3; McLaren M8; Matra MS670B; Chaparral 2E.
Thunderslot: Lola T70 MIII & Can Am; Mclaren M6A & Elva

Policar: Ferrari 312PB

Open GT

NSR Mossler.jpg

1) Any closed wheel car that raced post-1975.
2) Maximum width 65mm across rear tyres.
3) Self-coloured bodies need not be painted.

Example Open GT cars include:

NSR: Mosler MT900R; Audi R18 LMP.

Sloting Plus: Reynard 2KQ. Porsche 911GT.
Scaleauto: Radical SR9. etc.

Group C

Porsche 956.jpg

1) Body & standard chassis from’s Group C range.
2) Motor to be MX16, with endbell to the rear.
3) Motor pod must be inline with 0 or 0.5mm offset.

4) Standard pinion gear, 9T brass, must be used.

5) Standard crown gear, 28T yellow, must be used.

6) Standard interior must be used.

7) Standard 16.5mm rear hubs, PA43al, must be used.

8) Rear tyres must be unglued F22 or G25 compound.

9) Suspension prohibited.
10) Independent front wheels axle (eg PA39/SP17) prohibited.

Example Group C cars include:  Porsche 956/962; Jaguar XJR6/9/10/12; Sauber C9;
Toyota 88C; Mazda 787B; Lancia LC2/85; Nissan R89-91


Mercedes 190E.jpg

1) Body and standard chassis from's Class DTM range.

2) Motor must be standard MX15 with endbell to the rear.

3) Motor pod must be inline with 0 or 0.5 offset.

4) Standard pinion gear, 9T brass, must be used.

5) Standard crown gear, 28T yellow, must be used.

6) Standard interior must be used.

7) Standard 15.8mm Diameter rear wheels, W15808215A, must be used.

8) Rear tyres must be F22 or G25 compound.

9) Rear tyres must not be glued to their wheels.

10) Suspension not permitted.

11) Independent from wheels axle (eg PA39/SP17) prohibited.

Any DTM; Alfa Romeo 155; Opel Calibra; Mercedes Benz 190E; C-Class; Nissan Skyline GT-R

nsr F1.jpg


1)  Car must be NSR's generic Formula 86-89 range.

2) Motor must b NSR King 21k EVO/3 with ruby wrapper.

3) Chassis, pod, wheels and tyres must be from Formula 86-89 range.

4) Tyres must be made from black rubber.

5) Front tyres must  be > 16mm diameter

6) Tyres can be glued to their wheels.

7) Cars must fit within a 68mm width gauge.

8) Cars must start each race with wheel inserts, both front and rear wings in place.


nsr F1.jpg

1)  All cars must run in standard Revoslot Configuration.

2) Motor must be standard short can Revoslot RS211.

3) Car must start each race with wheel inserts in place.

4) Brass nuts RS208a, RS208b, RS208c, or RS208d may be used.

5) Lightweight wheels RS214 and RS215 are not allowed

6) All parts except braid, body screws, front tyres, motor wire, spacers and stoppers must be Revoslot components.

Group one (overall width 64mm max): Ferrari 333P, Mclaren F1-GTR, Mercedes CLK GTR, Porshe 911 GT1, Toyota GT-One,

Group two (overall width 62mm max): Dodge Viper GTS-R, Ferrari F40, Marcos LM600, Porsche 911 GT2, Toyota Supra.

Group three: Alfa Romeo GTA, BMW 2002, Ford Escort Mk 1.

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